Gone are the days of spending hours dragging your data out of complicated systems

View your Data with Ease

Connexions takes advantage of the WordPress dashboard to give you a quick view of the updates to your database.

Connexions natively includes both ‘New Connections’ and ‘Transactions’ dashboard widgets, as well as Donor Reports, to give you a quick and easy view of your¬†progress since your last check-in.

Need another way of viewing your data? We can create custom reporting to suit your needs. Just let us know.

Dashboard Data – right there when you need it.

Stop spending hours of effort exporting reports and charts from the depths of your external data. See all your key performance indicators, updated daily, every time you log in.

What constantly amazes me about Connexions is its level of innovation and its systematic ability to deepen our donor relationships. It's not just a focus on the technology, it's a focus on the donor relationship and experience. As a system that is integrated directly into the backend of our website, Connexions has streamlined our workflow processing and provided an incredible level of granularity and segmentation in reporting.

Berni Dymet