Capture the Micro-Moments

Capture the Micro-Moments

Data drives decision making, and without it, relationships can become hard to manage.

Connexions is designed to help you keep track of those micro-moments in order to uniquely serve each of your contacts in the best way possible.

We let you track anything by breaking up our data management into three core components:

  1. Capturing the right data
  2. Storing the data
  3. Viewing tracked data


Capturing the Data

Data is primarily captured by forms.

Content Administrators can create as many forms as they require. These can either be user-facing forms, or can be published for administrative use only. Forms can be copied, edited, and expanded to capture the unique combination of data that you need. Pre-rendered email address fields make it quick and easy to move between Contact Profiles and forms.

Connexions also uses a combination of other tools to passively capture the fullest picture of your contacts. Cookies are used to create a footprint of the journey a user takes throughout your site, to create a map of each page they visit. This is done for each user of your site. When a user identifies themselves – for example, through a form submission – this pathway is then associated with their unique contact record data.

Connexions can also be extended to capture further data according to your needs, with triggers wired to real time events, overnight calculations and more.

Storing the Data

Data stored in Connexions is built around each users unique email address. This Contact Profile can be customised and extended to store whatever data you need. Additional fields can be added to the profile at any time including:

  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Single Checkbox
  • Radio Buttons
  • Selection List
  • Date
  • Number

Each of these Profile fields has their own key. These keys can then be added to a Gravity Form field to create a relationships between Contact and Form. When one of these forms is submitted, the data on the related Contact Profile is automatically updated with this new data. However the data will keep a record of the before and after of a submission, so you won’t accidentally lose any data!

All of the data captured from Cookies is stored in the web systems database.

Viewing Tracked Data

Each contact recorded in Connexions has a ‘current’ view, which is known as the Contact Profile. The journey that this contact has been on is tracked as:

  • System notes
  • Gravity Forms entries (internal & external)
  • Data from external systems
  • Activity on the website (from Cookie data)


See it all in Activity View

Activity View uses cookie technology to give you a combined timeline of all the interactions users have taken across your website. See which pages an individual user has visited, which forms they’ve filled out and other interactions they’ve made.

Activity View passively captures all the data on your site, and then assigns this activity to a user when we capture their email.

All your tracked data can then be used in both native and custom reporting, as well as in search results to create reports of your own.