Find and Do more with your Contacts

Find & do more with Contacts

Your Contacts are more than just a series of email addresses – they represent real people who are invested in your Organisation. Connexions enables you to do so much more with your Contacts then ever before.

Flexible Search

Don’t be constricted by only being able to search by name! With Connexions you can search by any field on the Contact Profile. Not only that, but you can search date and number fields by range, and text fields by ‘equals’, ‘does not equal’ and ‘like’ statements.


Saved Search

The Connexions Search tool allows you to find and segment your contacts based on any combination of fields and statements. Once you’ve built the perfect search scenario, you can save it for later use, making your data more and more efficient to access and use. Saved searches can be either shared or private, and your installation of Connexions comes with a set of default searches to help you get started quickly.


Totals & Averages

Where your search results include number fields, totals and averages are included at the bottom of every page.


Build Your Own Reports

Include fields in your search results as ‘show’ and the column will be shown in your results.


Drill into a record and you can add a note on a single contact, or add a note to all contact records in a specific search result.

Export and Do More

Want to do more with your data? Your data is yours so we give you the ability to export your data at anytime.

Do more with your data by Exporting your search results for analysis in Excel, importing them into an external system, or even to run a mail merge. With Connexions, the choice is up to you. Constantly evolving and bringing new features to users, we pride ourselves in giving our users the opportunity to explore and analyse their data outside of Connexions if necessary!