Connect your Users to capitalise on real life Networks


Form Relationships and Groups within your database.

Get a real understanding of how your contacts relate to each other using relationships and groups.

This module provides the ability to create relationships between contact records. There are three relationship types available within Connexions – Aliases, Direct Relationships, and Groups


Each Contact record in Connexions represents a view of a contact as defined by a single email address.
In the real-world, contacts can have multiple email addresses. This module enables you to connect contact records as aliases of one another. Once connected, you’ll be able to see the totals for the following KPIs on one screen across all related aliases:

  1. Total transaction amount
  2. Total transaction count
  3. Last transaction date
  4. Days since the last transaction

Direct Relationships

This module enables you to connect contact records as a direct relationship. There are three types of direct relationship:

  • Family
  • Professional
  • Personal

Similar to Aliases, you can view the combined totals for a contact’s Family, Professional or Personal relationships.

Your groups, your way

Group your contacts in a way that make sense to your organisation. Handcraft group types to suit your needs – creating deeper connections to the contact you’ve built.

This module enables the creation of ‘groups’. Groups are managed within Group types. Example of Group types include:

Your Groups can be managed within Group Types. An example of these Group Types could include:

  • Organisations
  • Churches
  • Industry Bodies
  • Events
  • etc…

Groups and group types can be added as required to suit your needs, and contacts can be added to groups as required.