Rolling KPIs and Segment Status.

Stay up to date with the status of each of your contacts and the unique segment they belong to.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are calculated overnight, every night, you’ll always have up to date figures for each of your Contacts, and each of these indicators are determined uniquely by you!

Even more, the system will recalculate each night, to determine if the behaviour of your contacts has altered their segmentation status.

This segmentation will enable you to use data to drive interactions – to know which Contacts may require some extra attention, or to determine those who deserve recognition for the role they’re serving in your organisation – you’ll have a handle on where they fit.


Get started with Connexion’s initial groupings.

Connexions in fitted with some initial grouping to get you started including:


  • Transaction Amount
  • Transaction Count


  • Today
  • Last week (7 days)
  • Last week -1 (8 – 14 days)
  • Last week -2 (15 – 21 days)
  • Last month (30 days)
  • Last month -1 (31 – 60 days)
  • Last month -2 (61 – 90 days)
  • Week to date (since Sunday midnight)
  • Month to date
  • Calendar Year to date
  • Calendar Year to date – 1 (same period last year)
  • Calendar Year to date – 2 (same period 2 years ago)
  • Financial Year to date
  • Financial Year to date – 1 (same period last year)
  • Financial Year to date – 2 (same period 2 years ago)