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The latest in simplified, effective ways to connect your digital platforms.

WordPress + GravityForms = Awesome Data You Can Actually Use

Built specifically for WordPress, Connexions captures and communicates data in a way like never before – enabling you to personalise your messaging and expand your impact. Connexions works to passively build profiles, allowing you to build your data and capture detailed user profiles. It has an amazing ability to connect with a wide range of additional web products, meaning it’s able to grow and expand as you do.

Connexions will expand your understanding of user behaviour and allow you to better interact and communicate with your audience, to build deeper and long lasting digital relationships.

Introducing Connexions

It’s time to get to know your supporters using real data…


Integrations built just for you

Streamline your workflow with our integrated systems that connect your favourite tools to Connexions

Connexions features a range of amazing Add-ons and Integrations, giving you the opportunity to create and customise new functions that are designed specifically for you…

Connexions is fully customisable with no limits! Pick and choose the integrations and add-ons that will best serve your organisation.

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